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Smart Watches - Ready for your first one?

Smart Watches - Ready for your first one?

Reasons You Need a Smart Watch

Smart watches are rapidly becoming more popular and commonplace in daily life.

These clever devices are slowly replacing traditional watches for most watch wearers due to their wide range of functionality and many people are now wondering whether a smart watch would benefit their daily routine. Smart watches come in a range of designs and colours from a variety of different brands, and each model is equipped with its own set of features and uses.

If you are uncertain about whether jump in and get your first smart watch, read our list of reasons:



The most basic and core functions of most smart watches is that they can connect to a smartphone in order to display any phone, message, or social media notifications straight onto the display. This gives you the ability to answer messages and make phone calls from their watch with no need to take their phone out of their pocket. It also means that notifications and messages can be read quickly and unlikely to miss an urgent message. This feature is present on the majority of smart watches and can keep the wearer connected without the need to be glued to a phone all day.



Fitness watches have been available for a long time, but many of them do not have any additional uses. Most fitness bands are purpose built to track specific activities such as running or cycling and not designed for other activities. The introduction of fitness tracking into smart watches avoids these issues and saves you buying 2 devices. The fitness feature on most smart watches has the ability to track a huge range of different types of sports, from rowing and swimming, to HIIT and yoga classes including traditional fitness activities, like running and cycling.

Heart monitoring is also a standard feature now of most smart watches aswell as Sleep patterns so all your health benefits can be recorded.



In modern life, most people now rely on GPS and navigation apps at some point to help them find their way around. Smart watches can offer the same GPS capability as a smartphone, but with quicker access. The next direction can be checked with a simple look at the watch display without holding a phone all the time. Smart watches with GPS functionality also use this feature to aid with fitness tracking. It can be used to track running journeys, cycling distances and similar activities, by logging routes and speeds in order to aid the wearer in progression and improvement.



The only way to customise a traditional watch is to change the strap but with Smart watches, you can change the look of the screen with a press of a button. Most watches come with a lot of different display options and easily removable straps. Some smart watches have the capacity to download additional apps making them even more customisable.



With all these functions now even on the most basic smart watch they really are a good investment and as long as the smart watch is charged and connected, it will display correct time.


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