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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Anti Blue Light Glasses

Anti Blue Light Glasses
are a must have for anyone who gets migraines and eye fatigue from computer screens.

The Happy Mind Store

👓  Sit in front of a computer all day?

👓  or perhaps you sit up late at night on your laptop?

Read on...



Benefit 1: Alleviate eye discomfort.

Excess computer usage can lead to computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain. Blue-screen/blue-light glasses enhance your focus and reduce eye strain, making your eyes feel more awake. This can also boost your productivity since your eyes will not be impacted as much due to higher-than-average computer use. 

Benefit 2: Improve sleep habits.

In general, you should avoid using blue-light devices before bedtime, as the high-energy frequency can keep you up at night. However, blue-screen/blue-light glasses fight against this high energy, allowing you to use your devices before bed and still enjoy a restful night’s sleep. This is because blue-screen/blue-light glasses reduce your eyes’ exposure to blue light. 

Benefit 3: Fight against Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

AMD is a top cause of blindness. Blue-screen/blue-light glasses combat this condition by preventing blue light from wearing down your eyes. Blue-screen/blue-light glasses can also help improve early AMD symptoms, such as blurry vision. 

The Happy Mind Store

Available in 0 to +4.0 Eye Prescription Lenses

Clear Lens

Lens width -52mm / Lens Height 30mm

Blue Light Blocking Reading glasses

Yellow Lens
( Only available in 0 - No Prescription )
Lens Width 52mm / Lens Height 42mm
Blue light blocking glasses
The Happy Mind Store

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The Happy Mind Store


Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

Digital screens are known to not only cause eye strain but also effect sleep patterns.


Blue light blocking glasses are great for shift workers aswell who need to sleep during the day and commute home during early day light times.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses
The Happy Mind Store

 "Digital Blue Lights and Their Damaging Effects on Human Health"

" While visible light normally has wavelengths in the range of 400-700 nanometres (nm), blue light is generally defined as the light that falls in a particular range from 380 to 500 nm, with shorter wavelengths and higher energy. Long attached to visions of clear skies and calm seas, refreshing, natural blue light cannot be more welcome. However, many health care professionals have become increasingly concerned that the proliferation of artificial blue lights emitted by fluorescent and LED lighting and digital screens might risk human health. Luminous blue light has come to represent digital eyestrain, blurry vision and serious health issues associated with the disruption of the circadian rhythm. "


Blue Light Blocking Glasses

 Blue light from digital screens such a mobile phone, laptops and TV's constantly pulsates or flickers and decreases visual contrast, exhausting our eyes and contributing to eye strain. Digital eyestrain can lead to symptoms including sore or irritated eyes, difficulties with concentration and headaches and disturbed sleeping patterns."

Bright blue lights in the evening hours can confuse your brain into thinking it is still daytime and suppress the production of a sleep-regulating hormone known as melatonin. Lack of melatonin can further disrupt our circadian rhythm, risk causing not only problems with sleep, but also other serious health issues such as inflammation and immune function.
These polycarbonate (PC) lenses are certified to block up to 90-98% of the blue light rays in the 380 to 500 nm range and eliminate up to 75% of them with a dominant wavelength between 435 and 495 nm, which are considered to be the most harmful portion of the visible blue light spectrum to human eyes. 



Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Lens Width: 52mm
Lens Height: 30mm Clear lens / 42mm Yellow Lens
Frame Material: Plastic and Metal TR
Frame Colour: Brown & Black

Package Includes: 1x Blue Light Blocking Glasses / Anti Blue Light Glasses



We offer a money-back guarantee as we are so confident you'll love our product! 

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Customer Reviews

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Rossie Hegmann


Meredith Botsford

Glasses look beautiful.
Packed well, in air bubble.

Went to Krasnodar for 3 weeks.

Beaulah Ryan

Excellent, thanks can be taken.

Ilene Yundt

A good product, makes the job light to wear we do not feel them, no eye fatigue at the end of the evening the blue screen protection works.

Liza Luettgen

The order came relatively quickly. Glasses more for men looks very good, I'll give my stepfather, my mother did not fit



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